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What is it like to have a dentist that does more than repair symptoms?

I’ve built my, My Dentist in Plano, dental practice by carefully combining my team, the right technologies, and the types of ongoing training to compliment my individualized approach to providing quality dentistry.

Instead of simply repairing symptoms of decay, my individualized approach to dentistry allows my patients the freedom to begin making important oral health and aesthetic choices that are consistent with their own goals.

By treating a patient’s current needs, while helping them understand the array of options moving forward, we strive to give each individual control of their own future oral, and aesthetic health. By maintaining this approach to dentistry, it becomes possible to develop a path for virtually anyone to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

We feel that by approaching dentistry in this unique fashion, our ability to communicate individual life-changing possibilities is transformed into something that is specifically designed just for you!

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At My Dentist in Plano, you’ll find a dedicated team that can provide you with the individualized dentistry you deserve.

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