Plano, TX | Ashley W. on how cosmetic dentistry improved her confidence | My Dentist in Plano

Ashley W. talks about her positive experiences with Dr. Dickson and My Dentist in Plano.

Patient Testimonial

Thanks to Dr. Dickson and his staff, I am now all smiles. And by all smiles I mean less gums and more teeth. Yep, I used to have a very gummy smile. I would limit the movement of my lips to prevent showing too much of a smile. I hated my smile. And to think, my mother worked hard to pay for me to wear braces for six years and I still HATED my teeth. Prior to visiting Dr. Dickson, I also had a very unattractive crown on one of my front teeth. You still wondering why I hated my teeth? Let’s recap. Bad crown and small teeth engulfed in massive gums.

Back in 2004, I paid Dr. Dickson a visit to inquire about getting Zoom teeth whitening. I was beyond impressed with how friendly and professional his staff were. Dr. Dickson also never overbooks several patients at a time. This guarantees that he gives you adequate time for any questions and concerns. I have been to many dentists in my day. Remember, I had braces for six years. My Dentist in Plano is like the spa of dentistry. When you are brought to the back you have a television on the ceiling to be viewed while you’re getting treated. Patients are also offered warm neck rolls that are a must to try. Dr. Dickson also offers the latest in technology in all of his treatments.

After visiting My Dentist in Plano, I decided that I wanted to go through with the procedures that Dr. Dickson suggested. I wasn’t pressured into anything. I was just shown how great my smile could look.

I went in one day and had the crown lengthening process performed. The procedure was honestly pain-free. I didn’t look very pretty afterwards, but I experienced little to no pain afterwards as well. After the crown lengthening, I did the Zoom teeth whitening.

Once my gums healed all the way, I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to look in the mirror and smile. I actually had to learn how to smile big! It was now ok to smile big because I didn’t have the bodybuilder gums anymore! I have actually convinced multiple friends to start going to My Dentist in Plano. I am still trying to win that $500 referral prize. Wink, wink.

Getting a new smile has boosted my confidence in more ways than one. I have actually started doing local modeling and acting in local independent films! If it wasn’t for Dr. Dickson and his wonderful staff, none of this would be possible."