Athletic Mouthguards Protect Winning Smiles

a mouthguard with glitter

If the athletes in your family haven’t returned to the field or the court yet, then it’s only a matter of time. It may not be as soon as they would like, but one day — sooner or later — they will get to compete again. When they do, be sure they are wearing an athletic mouthguard. We’ll be happy to make one for all the athletes in your family at My Dentist In Plano.

Keep Your Teeth Intact

When you get in your family vehicle, you put on your seat belt. You don’t do this because you expect to be in an accident. You do it in case an accident occurs. Seat belts don’t prevent collisions from occurring, but they reduce your risk of injury if one happens. Likewise, athletic mouthguards make it less likely that you will suffer any injury while practicing or playing sports. To be specific, you are 60 times less likely to have a dental injury while wearing a mouthguard than if you don’t wear one, according to the American Dental Association.

Prepare For Impact

Like we noted above, you and your loved ones don’t step on a court or field expecting to be injured, but you know it’s a possibility. This is why many sports require specific protective equipment. Even when it’s not required, the ADA strongly recommends mouthguards for all high-impact sports. This includes football and wrestling, but volleyball, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, and baseball are just a few of the many popular high-impacts sports in Texas. If you are running, jumping, throwing or hitting something, and/or having physical contact with other athletes, you’re probably participating in a high-impact sport. (Golf may the exception to this one.)

A Better Fit Means Better Protection

NASCAR drivers use five-point harnesses when they take the track. Their driving conditions are much different than what we deal with in our family vehicles. That’s why they don’t use the same kind of seat belts. For comparison’s sake, the custom-molded mouthguards we can make for you offer better protection than the bulky boil-and-bite mouthguards you’ll find in stores. That’s not just us saying this, the ADA and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend custom mouthguards as well.

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