Patient Forms and Postops

Find all the necessary information you need for your first visit or procedure care, here.

New Patient Forms

Complete this form if you’re visiting My Dentist in Plano for the first time. Make sure to bring it with to your first appointment.

We’ve made this form available as an Adobe Acrobat file. Please call our office if you have any trouble accessing the form. We’ll be happy to send or fax them to you.

Post-Operation Instructions

If you happened to misplace the instructions you received after your procedure, you can find them here! We’re happy to answer any additional questions about your treatment – don’t hesitate to call our office.

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Sleep Apnea Consultation & Evaluation

Schedule your free evaluation today!

Matrimonial Benefits

  • Wake up and feel refreshed
  • Live healthier
  • Get back to a normal life
  • Stop snoring & let your spouse sleep better

We file to most major medical insurance companies.

Autism Awareness

This month and every month, we show our support for those with Autism