I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort

End Pain Now With Emergency Dental Care in Plano, TX

Get Fast Relief & Lasting Solutions With Emergency Dental Services

Dental problems can come on suddenly and unexpectedly because of an accident or injury. They can also develop slowly over time, undetected until they become too painful to ignore. In either case, emergency dental treatment is a must so you can get out of pain and find a lasting solution.

At My Dentist in Plano, we do all we can to set up a same-day appointment for an emergency dental exam to investigate your problem. Some common issues we see are:

  • Tooth Decay – In most cases, tooth decay and cavities can be caught and treated early with routine dental cleanings and exams. But if an emergency exam reveals decay or a cavity, we can treat and strengthen the tooth with a filling or dental crown to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Toothache – A toothache is often a symptom of a deeper issue, like an oral infection. Dental pain is a red flag that there’s a problem Dr. Dickson needs to check out.
  • Swollen, Tender Gums – Red, swollen, tender gums can cause pain and discomfort, especially when chewing your food. Dr. Dickson will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease, which we can treat comfortably using a dental laser.
  • A Damaged or Lost Tooth – If a dental injury results in a damaged tooth, we can repair it in one visit with a same-day dental crown. If you’ve lost a tooth, we can replace it with a durable dental implant and natural-looking restoration. Both will preserve your healthy, beautiful smile.

Find fast relief and a lasting solution for your dental pain with emergency dental care in Plano, TX. Call (972) 378-9747 for a same-day appointment.