Implant Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Things to Expect:

Bleeding: Bleeding or "oozing" for the first 12 to 24 hours.

Swelling: This is normal following a surgical procedure in the mouth.  It should reach its' maximum in two to three days and should begin to diminish by the fifth post-operative day.

Discomfort: Any discomfort that you will experience will occur after the anesthesia has worn off.  This should diminish within 1-3 days.


Things to do:

Bleeding: Place gauze over extraction sites and maintain pressure by biting for at least 2 hours.  Replace gauze every 30 minutes within these 2 hours..  Keep head elevated and rest.  Do not suck or spit excessively. (Also please refrain from blowing into musical instruments.)

Note: Some oozing and discoloration of saliva is normal.  If bleeding persists, replace the gauze with a clean folded gauze placed over the extraction site, and maintain the pressure until the bleeding stops.

Rinsing: 24 hours after the surgery, rinse with warm salt water (or prescription mouth rinse) three-to-five times per day for seven days.

Swelling: Place ice or cold compresses on the region of surgery for ten minutes every half-hour for the first eight to twelve hours.

Note:  Ice bags or cold compresses should be used only on the day of surgery.

Smoking: Avoid smoking during the healing period.

Discomfort: Begin taking pain medication immediately after surgery as directed.  The medicine will require 45 minutes to one hour to take effect.

Diet: A nutritious liquid or soft diet may be necessary for the first weeks after the surgery.  A fluid intake of at least two quarts a day is needed.

Physical Activity: For the first 24 to 48 hours, one should REST.  Patients who have sedation should refrain from driving an automobile or from engaging in any task that requires alertness for the next 24 hours.


The Days After Surgery:

*    Brush teeth carefully.

*    Use WARM SALT WATER (or prescription mouth rinse) as a mouth rinse, three to five times per day.

*    If ANTIBIOTICS are prescribed, be SURE to take ALL that have been prescribed, AS DIRECTED.

*    Use WARM, MOIST HEAT on face for swelling.  Continue until the swelling subsides.  A warm, wet washcloth or heating pad will suffice.

*    If SUTURES were used, return to the office in five to seven days for removal.

*    DRY SOCKET is a delayed healing response, which may occur during the second to fourth post-operative day.  It is associated with a throbbing pain on the side of the face, which may seem to be directed up toward the ear.  In mild cases, simply increasing the pain medication can control the symptoms.  If this is unsuccessful, please call our office at 972-398-2550.


CONTACT THE DOCTOR at (972) 378.9747 if:

*    Bleeding is excessive and cannot be controlled.

*    Discomfort is poorly controlled.

*    Swelling is excessive, spreading, or continuing to enlarge after 48 hours

*    Allergic reactions to medications occur which are causing a generalized rash or excessive bleeding.


Patient loses or has lost consciousness.


Following all instructions faithfully will add to your comfort and faster recovery.

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Autism Awareness

This month and every month, we show our support for those with Autism

Autism Awareness

This month and every month, we show our support for those with Autism