Whitening Instructions

  • Do not use whitening gel if there is a possibility you may be pregnant or if you are lactating.
  • Store whitening gel at 80 degrees or cooler. Refrigerate any solution you are storing for an extended period of time.The whitening gel will last one to two years refrigerated.  Heat or direct sunlight can cause the whitening gel to lose its effectiveness.
  • Only wear trays in the daytime, not at night, and do not eat or drink while custom-fitted trays are being worn.
  • Try to avoid heavily staining products such as dark colas, coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, tomato products (such as spaghetti sauce), blueberry pie, mustard, etc., throughout the whitening process. These items may hinder the whitening process by re-staining the teeth.
  • Prior to whitening, brush and floss teeth to remove any plaque.
  • When filling the trays with whitening solution, place half of a pea size of whitening gel on each tooth of the outer wall inside the custom-fitted trays. One whitening syringe should contain enough gel to fill the upper and lower trays for a week.
  • If the custom-fitted whitening tray is placed and excess gel is displaced, immediately remove excess gel from gum tissue and dispense less gel into tray next time. Remove excess gel from gum tissue with your finger, washcloth or a q-tip.
  • Place solution in tray and wear trays for 1 hour each day. If you feel any sensitivity before an hour has lapsed, take out the trays immediately.
  • Store trays in retainer box provided in kit until the next application. This will prevent loss or damage of trays.
  • Future touch-up applications are recommended to maintain optimal whitening results. Your doctor recommends whitening after having your teeth professionally cleaned to deter any external stain that has absorbed into the pores.
  • Tooth sensitivity is a side effect some individuals may experience during the whitening process. The whitening solution not only removes the stain from the teeth, but also saliva. Saliva acts as a natural barrier against cold air and water. Until the teeth re-hydrate, (usually 1-2 days), the teeth may be sensitive. If sensitivity is present, decrease the amount of time you wear the trays either by shortening each whitening session, or by skipping a day between sessions.
  • If part of the root is exposed along the gum line, the solution may cause sensitivity. In-office fluoride treatment may be recommended to relieve sensitivity, and/or apply less solution in trays so that the solution does not touch the gum line.
  • Sensitivity or discomfort you may experience usually disappears within 1-2 days after discontinuing the whitening process. However, if sensitivity persists, or if you should have any questions or concerns, discontinue use and contact Dr. Dickson at 972-378-9747.

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