Implant Dentistry

Delivering effective dental implants in Plano, Texas

The process:

Dental implants are an easy, unobtrusive way to replace missing or failing teeth. Through dental implants, you can enjoy fully functional, natural-looking teeth that restore oral health and appearance.

Dental implants involve replacing a tooth root with a small titanium post, which serves as an anchor for a new prosthetic tooth. The post is secured within the jawbone, and the prosthetic tooth carries all the same qualities of a natural tooth.

We are proud to say that our dental implants can be placed right in our office. This reduces the amount of time it takes to get a life-changing smile, and ensures that you’ll have an accurate and beautiful end result.

Facts about dental implants:

  • Preserves natural bone
  • Facilitates natural bone growth
  • Strong enough to function as a normal tooth
  • Advanced enough to look and feel like a normal tooth

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