Implant Dentistry

Delivering effective dental implants in Plano, Texas.

Most people are familiar with dental implants as a way to replace a missing or failing teeth, however what many may not realize is that the process continues to get much easier and less intrusive.

There’s more good news. We can now place dental implants in a simple outpatient procedure in our office!

Regardless of the reason you may have lost a tooth in the first place, if you’re suffering from missing teeth, you already know what a huge effect it can have on your eating habits, self-esteem and overall daily routine.

At My Dentist in Plano, we can place dental implants right in our office. Once complete, you’ll be left with a lifelike prosthetic crown that was carefully crafted to match the appearance of your natural teeth.

Want to learn more about whether or not dental implants might be a fit for your individual situation?

Simply call us at (972) 378-9747 to schedule a FREE implant consultation, or fill out our online form below, and we’ll contact you to set something up!

We’re proud to be able to successfully complete implant procedures in our office as they have provided so many of our patients with absolute life changing results.

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