Family Dentistry

Delivering consistent and caring dentistry to your family in Plano, Texas.

What does it mean to specialize in family dentistry? For us, it means being trusted with the task of helping you develop the long-term stories of your loved ones.

Our involvement from day one is focused on helping each of your family members begin to develop and realize the importance of healthy oral habits. These are wellness habits that are often built from a very young age.

Yes, we’re great with kids, we have carefully designed My Dentist in Plano to be able to care for children of any age, but as your family members grow and mature our involvement becomes more unique as their individual paths become more unlike anyone else’s.

Our family dentistry is all about long-term relationship built on healthy dental habits and individual goals. We do all this with each of your individual family members long-term wellness in mind.

We invite you to join our My Dentist in Plano family. By scheduling dental appointments for your loved ones with us today, you’ll be helping each of them develop great dental habits that can follow then throughout each of their lives.

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Sleep Apnea Consultation & Evaluation

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Matrimonial Benefits

  • Wake up and feel refreshed
  • Live healthier
  • Get back to a normal life
  • Stop snoring & let your spouse sleep better

We file to most major medical insurance companies.

Autism Awareness

This month and every month, we show our support for those with Autism