Root Canal Therapy

Performing comfortable, modern root canal procedures in Plano, Texas

My Dentist in Plano provides effective root canal therapy, that eliminates tooth pain and, ultimately, saves your tooth. Root canal therapy isn’t the painful procedure it used to be. With advanced tools and skilled dentists, My Dentist in Plano can make your root canal appointment relatively painless, so you can enjoy a healthy smile again.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a channel that connects the tooth to the blood supply that flows throughout the body. The innermost layer of a tooth is called the pulp. It contains all the nerves, and transitions into the root canal structure near the tip of the tooth.

Why do root canals hurt?

When a tooth’s pulp is exposed to bacteria, from either injury or decay, more blood may flow to that portion of the tooth. This creates pressure, and may even cause the pulp to die, giving way to unbearable pain.

A root canal procedure is done by:

  • Clearing the diseased pulp from the canal
  • Cleaning any bacteria that was left behind
  • Filling the canal with rubberlike substance
  • Sealing the area to prevent further infection
  • Possibly placing a crown to give the tooth more stability

Scheduling a root canal at My Dentist in Plano:

  • Call our office at (972) 7377039


  • Requesting an appointment online

Don’t dread your appointment! We’re able to provide treatment that is relatively painless so you can get back to a healthy smile. Learn more about our root canal therapy by contacting our office today!

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