Root Canal Therapy

Performing comfortable, modern root canal procedures in Plano, Texas.

Dr. Dickson at My Dentist in Plano uses modern technology that has improved the root canal procedure significantly. Patients routinely report that a root canal is no different than getting a cavity filled, in terms of sensation. The treatment generally can be completed in a single appointment, using local anesthetics and sedatives to maximize patient comfort. Root canal therapy can be essential in eliminating that pain and, ultimately, saving the tooth. Unfortunately, many patients are wary of this treatment because of its past reputation associated with pain and discomfort.

A tooth’s pulp is the innermost layer that contains its sensitive nerve center, and the chamber that contains the pulp transitions into the root canal structure near the tip of the tooth. That root canal is a channel that connects the tooth to the blood supply that flows throughout the body.

When that pulp is exposed to bacteria, most often due either to an injury to the tooth or extensive decay, a higher volume of blood may flow to that portion of the tooth, creating significant pressure. Eventually, the pulp may die, as well.

As a result, patients will experience pain that just won’t quit.

The Root Canal Procedure

The procedure itself is straightforward. Dr. Dickson will clear the diseased pulp from the canal and clean out any bacteria that may be left behind. Then the canal is filled with an inert rubber-like substance and sealed to keep out further infection.

Many patients will also need to have a crown placed following a root canal to give the tooth more stability.

When a root canal is recommended, patients should not dread the appointment. Our staff is happy to talk with you in advance of the procedure to address any concerns that you may have.

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