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Everyone deserves a dazzling smile, and flawless teeth are the cornerstone of that goal. Lumineers present a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to elevate their smile. These ultra-thin veneers outshine traditional options, requiring minimal tooth alteration.

Plano cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dickson, has provided a comprehensive guide below to determine if Lumineers are the ideal cosmetic dental solution for you. Patients in Plano and neighboring areas like Richardson, Garland, and Dallas, TX can reach out to My Dentist in Plano at (972) 378-9747 to arrange a consultation at our Collin County dental practice.

What Are Lumineers?woman smiling while sitting in the dentist chair

Lumineers also known as Lumineers dental veneers are state-of-the-art, wafer-thin dental veneers crafted from Cerinate, a proprietary porcelain material. These durable, custom-designed shells adhere to your teeth’s surface, dramatically enhancing their appearance. Lumineers offer an excellent alternative for those seeking smile improvements without invasive procedures.

The remarkable thinness of Lumineers allows for direct application to teeth, typically without enamel removal. In most instances, the Lumineers process is reversible, preserving your natural tooth structure.

Benefits of Lumineers Dental Veneers

Lumineers dental veneers offer numerous advantages, including:Young woman smiling

  • Minimal Tooth Preparation: Lumineers generally require little to no tooth alteration, safeguarding your natural dental structure.
  • Non-invasive: Unlike conventional veneers, Lumineers are typically reversible and don’t necessitate dental anesthesia.
  • Longevity: Constructed from premium, resilient porcelain, Lumineers can last over two decades with proper maintenance.
  • Stain Resistance: The porcelain used in Lumineers resists discoloration, maintaining your smile’s brilliance.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Lumineers are engineered to replicate natural teeth, resulting in a flawless, authentic-looking smile.

Candidacy for Lumineers Dental Veneers

To be eligible for Lumineers, you should have:

  • Mild to Moderate Dental Imperfections: Lumineers are ideal for addressing minor cosmetic concerns like discoloration, small chips, gaps, or slight misalignments.
  • Adequate Tooth Enamel: Candidates need sufficient healthy enamel to ensure proper Lumineer adhesion.
  • Good Oral Health: Optimal oral hygiene and healthy gums are crucial for the long-term success of Lumineers.
  • Realistic Expectations: Understanding the potential outcomes and limitations of Lumineers is essential.

The Lumineers ProcessDr. Dickson with patients

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a consultation with your Plano cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dickson, at My Dentist in Plano. During this visit, you’ll discuss your oral health and aesthetic objectives. Dr. Dickson will assess whether Lumineers are the best treatment option for your unique case.


If you’re a suitable candidate, Dr. Dickson will create an impression of your teeth. This mold is sent to a specialized dental laboratory where your custom Lumineers are fabricated to fit your teeth perfectly and match your desired shade.

Unlike traditional veneers, extensive tooth reshaping is typically unnecessary, and temporary veneers aren’t required while awaiting your Lumineers. This is due to their ultra-thin profile (about 0.2 mm) and high translucency, allowing them to almost mimic natural teeth enamel without significant tooth modification.


Once your Lumineers are ready, you’ll return to My Dentist in Plano for the application. Dr. Dickson will position the Lumineers on your teeth to verify fit and color. Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage before permanent attachment.

After ensuring a satisfactory fit and natural appearance, your teeth are cleaned and etched to create a stronger bonding surface. A specialized cement is applied to the Lumineers, which are then carefully placed on your teeth. A curing light hardens the cement, securing the Lumineers. Excess cement is removed, and final adjustments are made as needed.


Dr. Dickson may schedule a follow-up appointment to check your Lumineers, assess your bite, and address any questions or concerns post-procedure.

How Much Do Lumineers Cost?

The cost of Lumineers can vary based on several factors, including the number of teeth treated, the thickness of the particular type of Lumineers used, case complexity, and any additional procedures required. Generally, Lumineers tend to be pricier than traditional veneers due to their advanced technology and customization.

On average, Lumineers can range from $800 to $2,000 per tooth. For an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Dickson at My Dentist in Plano.

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Lumineers: Your Path to a Radiant Smile, Call Now!

Lumineers offer a convenient, natural-looking, and often reversible solution for enhancing your smile. With their numerous benefits over traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers could be your ideal choice for achieving the beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

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