In-Office Dental Discount Plan in Plano, TX

Don’t worry if you don’t have dental insurance. You can still get all the care your family needs with our exclusive Plano, TX In-Office Dental Discount Plan.

Keep Your Dental Care Affordable With Our In-Office Dental Discount Plan in Plano

We call it out VIP Hygiene Program, and it’s perfect for people:

  • with no dental insurance.
  • who are losing their dental insurance.
  • that are retired and in need of dental care.
  • looking to save money on dental care.
  • paying to much for dental insurance.

With our VIP Hygiene Program, you pay a flat annual fee that covers the preventive services you need and benefit from   discounted rates for most of our restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental services. Not only that, but you avoid the hassles of regular dental insurance, such as benefit limits, waiting periods, and excessive paperwork.

Our plan covers:

  • 15 percent off most restorative and cosmetic procedures including Dental Implants, Extractions, Crowns & Bridges, Root Canals, Sealants, Nightguards, Whitening for Life, Dental Veneers, Oral Surgery (Limited), Dentures, Partials, Relines, Fillings and Build-ups, Athletic Sportsguards, Perio-Maintenance* and Sleep Apnea.

*Additional Perio-Maintenance Cleanings available at 30% off

You also benefit from:

  • Two free dental cleanings or three free maintenance cleanings a year
  • Two free periodic dental exams
  • All necessary preventive X-rays – free
  • Two free fluoride treatments
  • Oral cancer screening

The preventive care included in our VIP Hygiene Program more than covers the yearly cost of the membership.

You’ll be surprised at the affordability of our in-house dental discount plan!

We offer both individual and family pricing that can cost less than traditional dental insurance, while saving you more.  and our team can help you determine which will work best for you. See below:

  • Individual Adult: $395 per year (savings of $395)
  • Individual Child (14 and under): $345 per year (savings of $385)
  • Individual Perio Maintenance Adult (includes 3 visits per year): $625 (savings of $450)

This is not dental insurance and some exclusions do apply:

3D CAT scans not included in preventive x-rays. Independent contractor specialist procedures are ineligible. The plan does not apply to any completed treatment, treatment in progress, or other discount promotions. Sterilization fees, Invisalign, in-office Zoom Whitening, Botox, TMJ Pain Resolution and the OSA program are ineligible for membership discounts.

Completed treatment, treatment in progress, and treatment done by a specialist from another office do not apply. This plan cannot be combined with dental insurance or any other special offers.

For more information on our VIP Hygiene Program In-Office Discount Plan in Plano, TX or any of our other payment options, call our office today!

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